Frequently asked questions concerning tent stakes

Can I purchase tent stakes with a galvanized finish ?

Our tent stakes can be galvanized up to a lenght of 800 mm. None but Type 050, 25 x 800 mm is generally kept on stock galvanized and therefore available on a short time notice. Galvanizing, however, is not always desireable. If you require galvanized nails, we gladly provide you an offer when larger purchase quantity is needed.

Why should nails be untreated and not galvanized ?

An untreated nail develops, after being punched into the ground, a coating of rust. Rust increases the friction surface and the nail is more firmly attached to the ground. It takes a few days before the nail gets well stuck within the ground.

Zinc reacts within the ground like a high-viscosity lubricant. Which means rust cannot be formed. And that might be of a disadvantage for the grip-effect of nail and ground. Storing the nails for a long time is the only advantage of galvanizing the nails.

What forces can be held by these nails ?

Tent stakes are frequently used für securing flying constructions. These are structural facilities, which are meant to get dismanteled and set up over and over again. This includes e.g. party tents, circus tents, lightweight buildung constructions and more. The standards pertaining to building law concerning statics are currently according to DIN 4112 ( new DIN EN 13 782  and 13 814 ).

Concerning flying constructions and the question, which tent stake is to take, needs the static calculations by an independent stress analyst. We will gladly support your search for an structural engineer, who knows about the tent stake business.

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