Tent stake - Type 051

Type 051 offers a large, flat headshape.  This nail is particulary suited for pinning down wooden planks to the ground. Because of its head-shape the nail has a lot of support within the wood and can be let-in flushed easily into the ground. This can, for example, be quite important when building a riding corral, to minimize the danger of injury to the horses. It is also used for fastening bouncy castles.

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Available Dimensions

Diameter 20 mm:
20 x 300 mm
20 x 600 mm
20 x 1100 mm

Diameter 25 mm:
25 x 1100 mm


Details concerning the measurements

The diameters listed refer to the shaft diameter of the nail, the named length means the total length, from the top of the head down to the rear end of the forged point. There is a production tolerance of +/- 5% employed. 


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