Screw-in ground anchors

Screw-in ground anchors are suitable for a longterm anchoring and a temporary anchoring in natural soil-types, except crushed rock land and rocky landscapes, as long as the schaft can't be plastically deformed by torsion. In case of doubt the testing of a screw connection might be necessary.

The holding force of this anchoring bolts depends to soil-type, screw-in depth and disc diameter and lies between 8 - 30 kN.

The screw anchor is hot-dip galvanized according to DIN 50976. The shaft is made out of round steel (quality St 50), the upper end is formed as a drop-shaped, welded loop and the lower end is tapered to an angled tip.

The twisted disc (4 mm sheet thickness made of Steel St 37, sheet thickness of 5 mm or more is made of steel St 50) is bevelled at the front edge (cutting edge) and on both sides fixed onto the shaft.

If required we can provide a  rotary handle made of steel for screwing in the ground screw manually.

Download:  Retention force chart ( PDF )


The screw-in ground anchor is assessed acording to its total length, the diameter of the 'disc x sheet' thickness and the shaft diameter. All informations provided within the chart below are given in mm.

Available from stock

Total lengthDiscShaftFinish
40080 x 2,510feuerverzinkt
850100 x 2,512feuerverzinkt
1000200 x 420feuerverzinkt
1200150 x 418feuerverzinkt

further dimensions (on request)

Total lengthDiscShaftFinish
1500140 x 625feuerverzinkt oder lackiert
1500160 x 625feuerverzinkt oder lackiert
1800160 x 630feuerverzinkt oder lackiert
1800200 x 630feuerverzinkt oder lackiert
1800250 x 830feuerverzinkt oder lackiert
2000300 x 835feuerverzinkt oder lackiert



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